May 11, 2018

Visual Identity for Hotel Buiten – winter edition

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Work commissioned by Hotel Buiten. Hotel buiten is a new meeting point in the new west of Amsterdam, in the middle of the nature and they decided to rebrand. Connection between the architecture and the nature is an important element. Connecting binnen and buiten (inside and outside). Both coexist. Creating a shape in form of hexagon that is reference to the place on which hotel buiten is build; Sloterplas. The pavement, the peninsula on which hotel buiten and other architectural elements in the neighbourhood are in shape of hexagon. The hexagon becomes the O of Hotel Buiten and is being used through the whole visual communication, offline and online. 'Het is hier geen hotel' (it's not a hotel here). The idea is to get rid of the HTEL and only letter O in form or hexagon stays. Remember the neon hotel signs from american movies that are flickering and dissapear/ break??! ... only the O stays together with the word BUITEN that represents the location; outside of the ring, outside usual, outside everything and everyone. We gaan naar buiten! (lets go Outside). Little animation was made with the neon flickering and dissapearing lights that is used online. The colours are changing each season creating a new ambiance, the same way as the nature and the menu of the restaurant.

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